Welcome to The Seven Steps! WHY this course is a MUST for anyone wanting to learn how to use crystals and stones THE RIGHT WAY!

What Makes This a Must-Have Approach to Using Crystals and Stones?

Since 2009, Natural Products Network has been a vital source for information about easy natural ways to improve your life.

Our founder, Chelsea, has spent her entire life studying with the masters of energy healing. In fact, she started attending classes when she was only 10 years old and has committed her life to natural living. To this end, she has appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and THE CW sharing information about natural products and natural healing techniques.

She developed this course because many visitors to Natural Products Network have expressed interest in learning how to use crystals and stones to attract what they want in life. Also, they asked for an EFFECTIVE and TARGETED course that is IN THEIR BUDGET and NOT cumbersome or overwhelming.

This course uses expert approaches to be the most COST-EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT way to learn the specific KEY INFORMATION you need to succeed with crystals and stones! It comes as a result of 20 + years of experience studying this ancient art!

Discover how to IMMEDIATELY use The Seven Steps to Crystal Success to integrate crystals and stones into your life THE RIGHT WAY for the BEST RESULTS.

PLUS, we're offering special BONUSES including a Certificate of Completion to advance your business, a $7 Off Coupon you can use to buy a Crystal or Stones Set and a special invite to join our affiliate program where you can share the good energy while earning money!

With this knowledge, you'll have everything you need to get going with crystals and stones in the right direction!

Learn the KEY information on how to use Crystals and Stones for Success . . .

  • Wondering THE RIGHT WAY to use crystals and stones? Learn how to properly get started by setting an intention. This can be more tricky than you think!
  • Discover key secrets you can utilize to get your stones and crystals to CHOOSE YOU and WHY YOU DON’T NEED EXPENSIVE CRYSTALS OR STONES TO GET RESULTS.
  • Find out how to ALIGN YOUR CRYSTALS AND STONES with YOUR ENERGY for the best results (don’t worry this is easy to do!)
  • Find out how to use your crystals and stones to REMOVE STUBBORN ENERGY blocks, so you can step into the abundant energy you deserve! This is very important!
  • Understand how to use your crystals and stones to clear your Chakras or Energy Centers to move your intention forward.
  • Learn how to use crystals and stones to tap into your intuition and uncover the answers you ALREADY have within!
  • Find out WHY you need to be VERY CAREFUL about giving and receiving crystals and stones.
  • Find out why going to a crystal “expert” for a reading could be the worst thing you can do. IT CAN EVEN BE DANGEROUS!
  • Discover how to create an energetic shift to REMOVE NEGATIVE PATTERNS in your life AND DEVELOP POSITIVE ONES INSTEAD.
  • Learn what to NEVER do AND WHAT TO DO INSTEAD if you want to utilize crystals and stones to ATTRACT MONEY OR LOVE.
  • Get THREE PRINTABLE GUIDES to build your crystal and stones practice!

Below is a clip of Chelsea appearing on the Everyday Morning Show discussing how to use crystals for love and romance!